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Jun 15, 2008

Vivi Dot's Furry Family

I think it’s about time I introduce the furry portion of my family.

This is Indy.

Indy is four years old. Duncan and I adopted him from a coworker of mine that couldn’t have a dog where he was moving. Indy’s originally from the streets (aka the pound) and is quite terrified of most things. He’s gotten a lot better over the last two and a half year’s that we’ve had him and we’re convinced his ‘special needs’ will continue to diminish. He may look terrified when he’s out of his element, but at home he’s just a sweet little lap dog stuck in big dog’s body. He adores pizza and drools like a bulldog whenever we make it for dinner.

This is Olive.

We adopted her from the SPCA in July ’07 when she was 4 months old. Her full name is Olive Pizza. We figured Indy would have to love her if her name sounded like ‘I love Pizza.’ This trickery worked because within about two weeks they were cuddling like the animals on the calendars I’d buy at my elementary school book fairs.

With one special needs pet at home we really lucked out with Miss Pizza. She’s a low maintenance, playful little kitty during the day and an excellent cuddler after dark. She’s ecstatic that we moved out of the Mission into a much larger space with a wonderful back yard in the Richmond. She owns the garden by keeping it fly free and covering up all of Indy’s droppings should we not pick them up right away. At the risk of sounding like a crazy cat lady, Olive also speaks to us. I’ll have to get it on video one of these days because it really is quite amazing. If you take your voice up one octave so she knows you’re speaking to her, she’ll kindly respond when you ask her a question.

This is Tom.

Tom’s the old wise man of the house. We’ve temporarily adopted him from Duncan’s parents while they’re in Humboldt where Liz is attending nursing school. Though he’d never admit it, Tom’s become quite the softy in his old age. He even lets Olive think she’s in charge now and then. He doesn’t get around all that much anymore but back in the day he was pretty much the George Clooney of the neighborhood (you know- ruggedly handsome, ladies man). One of his most recent accomplishments has been teaching Olive that she is not, in fact, a dog.

They’ve really got it rough!Pin It

1 comment:

Allie said...

The animals are way cute. I've never seen the old cat around during sweatshop though! Also Humboldt is spelled with a "d". Not to be crazy but it was my alma mater!