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Jun 2, 2008

Two buck shipping!

Shop the Vivi Dot online store and you can now get first-class USPS shipping anywhere in the US for only 2 bucks!

My store merchant made it really easy to integrate UPS into my site and quite impossible to get accurate shipping options from anyone else. Getting specific USPS or FedEx rates for different locations and weights means lots of manual rate tables, etc. I hate that people have to pay 8+ bucks to ship a $5 ring via UPS so I've added this new option. If you want your shipment guaranteed in a certain number of days and/or need amazing tracking you should still splurge for UPS. If you just want your Vivi Dot items as soon as possible definitely go for the flat two dollar rate.

Happy shopping!

**Use the Vivi Dot coupon code 'blog' for a 10% discount good until July 15th!Pin It

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