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May 5, 2008

Why ‘Dot Girl’

One of the things I love the most about doing shows is being able to interact face to face with my customers. Unlike selling through stores or online, it gives me chance to hear people’s feedback, get their ideas, and hear their stories. It’s really awesome to have people recognize my things from stores they shop in. I often get, ‘I bought a ring of yours at Needles and Pens’ or ‘my friend bought me a set of your buttons at ParkLife!’ It’s also great for product development! People ask for specific prints (I’m still looking for cute bee fabric for a bee keeper) and finally tracked down some cuff link findings after many inquiries about Vivi Dot cuff links.

One girl said she got a compliment on a Vivi Dot item she was wearing from someone working at a store (I think a store on Polk street). Apparently she asked if she had bought it from ‘the dot girl.’ I’ve gotten ‘button lady’ before, but ‘dot girl’ is much, much better and has since become the title of my blog.

The all time best quote from a shopper at an event was at last year’s Capsule Street Fair. A young guy was debating between a Biggie and 2Pac button. He decided on 2Pac and started off down the street. As he walked away he turned back and said, ‘I bet that button maker changed your life. It sure looks like it did!’ I swear it could have been the closing line in a 1980’s brat pack movie (just sub ‘button maker’ for ‘day in detention’).Pin It

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