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May 14, 2008

Same Name!

Not to be confused with the Wheel of Fortune category (I guess i just gave away the fact that I'm a wheel watcher/addict).

So after my last blog post i decided to do a quick search for 'dot girl' on google. I've been learning quite a bit about search engine marketing at my new job so I've been checking out my rankings for various Vivi Dot related search terms lately. It's my pleasure to announce that my blog shares the 'dot girl' title with dotgirlproducts.com- a site that offers 'girl's first period kits and other first menstruation products.' I can't say that's what I was expecting, but I guess it makes sense?

Summer, Allie and I had quite the laugh over it at our Vivi Dot production party over the weekend. We thought of some great period related buttons that would make a great addition to their kits! In all seriousness though, their site design is actually really cute!

So my blog will keep it's name for now.... Until I think of something better or receive a cease and desist from the ladies over at the other Dot Girl. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section.Pin It

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