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May 14, 2008


Today's oxymoron is: sweatshop party**

Thanks to Allie and Summer for all of their hard work this past Sunday! They came over and helped me pump out a bunch of buttons for the upcoming Capsule show. We've coined the term 'sweatshop party' for these get togethers, but lucky for us the conditions are actually quite comfy. I had strawberries, veggies, crackers, horseradish dip, and bloody mary's waiting for them when they arrived. We also finished the long day off with a nice dinner at my new favorite sushi place, Shimo in the Richmond.

Now I've got a ton of gluing ahead of me and I'm hoping to completely redesign my booth set up before the big event. Speaking of the big event...
If you're in San Francisco on Memorial Day weekend make sure to come by the Capsule Street Fair on Sunday. I'm in booth number 1 on the corner of Hayes and Octavia. Duncan, Allie, Summer, Ryan and I will be hanging out, drinking sake from True Sake down the street, and slangin' Vivi Dot from 11-6.

Just to be overly, overly cautious and clear:
** Please note that Vivi Dot is wholeheartedly against sweatshops and would never force anyone to work in difficult or dangerous conditions. Everything from Vivi Dot is handmade with love, voluntary sweat, in the company of friends and sometimes fueled by an alcoholic beverage or two (though never enough to compromise our quality control).

And to hopefully offset my 'humorous' misuse of a very serious subject, please check out Sweatshopwatch.org. It's an organization aimed to empower workers and educate consumers about how to be a conscious shopper!

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Allie said...

The blog is HI-larious. I love the sweatshop link just in case someone gets their panties in a bunch. Feel free to tell anyone who cares that the chinese member of your button-making team came up with the sweatshop term so I'm co-opting it from my people.

Unknown said...

and just for the record, the whitest of the white member of the sweatshop team does not have her panties in a bunch over this.