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May 23, 2008

Capsule Design Festival

Capsule is this Sunday! I've reinvented my entire display with a forest theme and I'm very excited for everyone to come check it out!

Sunday, May 25, 2008
11:00 am 'til 6:00 pm
Hayes Valley Park
Octavia and Hayes Streets, San Francisco, CA 94102

Make sure to visit Vivi Dot at booth #1 which is right on the corner of Hayes and Octavia. Click here for more info and to view a map of the event. Hope to see you there!

This Spring's Capsule Design Festival will feature 160 clothing, jewelry, children's, lifestyle and accessory designers along with artists and musicians. There will be music on the green, courtesy of Flavor Group, and other special events.Pin It

May 14, 2008


Today's oxymoron is: sweatshop party**

Thanks to Allie and Summer for all of their hard work this past Sunday! They came over and helped me pump out a bunch of buttons for the upcoming Capsule show. We've coined the term 'sweatshop party' for these get togethers, but lucky for us the conditions are actually quite comfy. I had strawberries, veggies, crackers, horseradish dip, and bloody mary's waiting for them when they arrived. We also finished the long day off with a nice dinner at my new favorite sushi place, Shimo in the Richmond.

Now I've got a ton of gluing ahead of me and I'm hoping to completely redesign my booth set up before the big event. Speaking of the big event...
If you're in San Francisco on Memorial Day weekend make sure to come by the Capsule Street Fair on Sunday. I'm in booth number 1 on the corner of Hayes and Octavia. Duncan, Allie, Summer, Ryan and I will be hanging out, drinking sake from True Sake down the street, and slangin' Vivi Dot from 11-6.

Just to be overly, overly cautious and clear:
** Please note that Vivi Dot is wholeheartedly against sweatshops and would never force anyone to work in difficult or dangerous conditions. Everything from Vivi Dot is handmade with love, voluntary sweat, in the company of friends and sometimes fueled by an alcoholic beverage or two (though never enough to compromise our quality control).

And to hopefully offset my 'humorous' misuse of a very serious subject, please check out Sweatshopwatch.org. It's an organization aimed to empower workers and educate consumers about how to be a conscious shopper!

vividot_bucket_of_buttonsPin It

Same Name!

Not to be confused with the Wheel of Fortune category (I guess i just gave away the fact that I'm a wheel watcher/addict).

So after my last blog post i decided to do a quick search for 'dot girl' on google. I've been learning quite a bit about search engine marketing at my new job so I've been checking out my rankings for various Vivi Dot related search terms lately. It's my pleasure to announce that my blog shares the 'dot girl' title with dotgirlproducts.com- a site that offers 'girl's first period kits and other first menstruation products.' I can't say that's what I was expecting, but I guess it makes sense?

Summer, Allie and I had quite the laugh over it at our Vivi Dot production party over the weekend. We thought of some great period related buttons that would make a great addition to their kits! In all seriousness though, their site design is actually really cute!

So my blog will keep it's name for now.... Until I think of something better or receive a cease and desist from the ladies over at the other Dot Girl. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section.Pin It

May 5, 2008

Why ‘Dot Girl’

One of the things I love the most about doing shows is being able to interact face to face with my customers. Unlike selling through stores or online, it gives me chance to hear people’s feedback, get their ideas, and hear their stories. It’s really awesome to have people recognize my things from stores they shop in. I often get, ‘I bought a ring of yours at Needles and Pens’ or ‘my friend bought me a set of your buttons at ParkLife!’ It’s also great for product development! People ask for specific prints (I’m still looking for cute bee fabric for a bee keeper) and finally tracked down some cuff link findings after many inquiries about Vivi Dot cuff links.

One girl said she got a compliment on a Vivi Dot item she was wearing from someone working at a store (I think a store on Polk street). Apparently she asked if she had bought it from ‘the dot girl.’ I’ve gotten ‘button lady’ before, but ‘dot girl’ is much, much better and has since become the title of my blog.

The all time best quote from a shopper at an event was at last year’s Capsule Street Fair. A young guy was debating between a Biggie and 2Pac button. He decided on 2Pac and started off down the street. As he walked away he turned back and said, ‘I bet that button maker changed your life. It sure looks like it did!’ I swear it could have been the closing line in a 1980’s brat pack movie (just sub ‘button maker’ for ‘day in detention’).Pin It

April Indie-Mart

April's Indie-mart was a hot one! It was over 80 degrees outside and we were definitely feeling the burn inside. You could really feel the temperature raise as you walked from the front of the bar to the back (where my booth was). The turnout was pretty good considering it was not a day anyone should be spending inside a dark, muggy bar.

I was excited to get people's reaction to all of the new fabric (cupcakes, kitties, penguins, spiders, tomatoes, 'lil chicks, etc) and new items (large hair clips and sweater clips). The feedback was definitely positive and sales reflected an interest in the new items as well. Yay!

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage area with Mushroom Project #15 and Jeyn Reyn. Summer bought an awesome Mushroom Project #15 dress and I bought a really cute hair clip from Jeyn!

Here are some pics from the day:
My loyal helpers! Summer- booth attendant and sweatshop worker & Duncan- my roadie.

Allie (the other loyal sweatshop worker and booth attendant) was hosting book club today, otherwise she'd be sweating thru this one with us.

The ring tray- can you spot the new fabrics?


The view from the stage:
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