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Mar 17, 2008

You're Invited to Macau China

Harrah's Entertainment needed a special keepsake invitation to send to their execs that they wanted to invite to a training/leadership trip to Macau, China. I did some research on Macau and discovered there are some very strong ties to the lotus flower. I decided to tie this into the invitation and explain the relationship between the lotus flower and Macau in some way as well.

I made a paper lotus flower out of red card stock and really nice checked gold and red chiyogami paper. I also made a card to slip under the black ribbon with the Chinese character for lotus flower and the description of its connection with Macau on the reverse side.

The actual invitation sits nicely inside the gold metallic box. The circle invitation is folded into a rectangle and tied up with a thick black satin ribbon. Once you untie the ribbon the actual invitation is revealed.Pin It

1 comment:

Jesi Jean said...

Beautifully done Molly, you're one talented hussy.